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Feast of Fauns & Nymphs

Feast of Fauns & Nymphs

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Feast of Fauns & Nymphs   Wolff Blitz 

This beautiful pattern was inspired by the painting "Feast of Fauns & Nymphs" by Moritz Stifter, an Austrian-born artist. Stifter is known for his portraits of women, sometimes in the company of fauns. In this work, vibrant colors and a suggestion of an enchanting atmosphere come together harmoniously.


– Unique Wolff Blitz Copyright design & fit.
– Feast of Fauns & Nymphs Art print shirt Wolff Blitz.
– Soft-touch 100 % cotton SATEEN shirt. (Fairtrade manufactured.)
– Machine wash inside-out.
– Regular fit. If you wear Modern Fit from other brands buy one size bigger.
– Check size guide above.

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